The modern data exchange for the life insurance industry

LifeDX is a data exchange built on an open API framework to make the data dissemination process within the life insurance ecosystem simple, secure, and reliable. It helps reduce costs and operating burden, while opening up revenue channels and enabling innovation.

The Problem
The data flow between carriers and distributions consists of point to point integrations, varying data formats, and a wide range of inconsistencies that lead to
One-off Integrations
Stale Data
Duplication of Work
Inability to Scale
Large Barriers to Innovation
Limited Market Insight
And More…
The Solution
The LifeDX. An Open API framework through which data flows instantly and securely between carriers and their partners in a standard, modern format.
Standardized Modern APIs
Live Data Feeds
Scale in Days Not Months
Access Carrier Data in Minutes
Market-wide Data Analytics
And More…
For Carriers

Digitalize and distribute your data

Reduced IT Load

Focus on a single technology process and integration that facilitates many more.

Data Integrity

Less touches of data resulting in cleaner rates and processes throughout the industry

Optimized Workflows

Manage distributors, update data, and view analytics from a centralized location.

Realtime Updates

Updates go into effect at the exact same time across all platforms and distributors.

Wider Distribution

Distribute rates to more entities resulting in more revenue opportunities.

Increased Security

Transmit data via highly secure APIs versus email, paper or other disparate systems.

For Distributors

Gain access to carrier data

Fewer Integrations

Focus on a single technology process and integration that facilitates many more.

Data Integrity

All LifeDX data comes straight from the source through direct integrations with carriers.

Discover New Data

Connect with carriers and data providers quicker and easier through a centralized marketplace.